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DEV C Installation / C Programming Lessons #1

DEV C Installation ; HI, I’m here to tell you about the Dev C Installation! You can learn how to use dev c both from the video and by following the steps here. DEV C Installation installation is not difficult just read below.

Let’s Find and Download Dev Installation file

Go to Google, just type “DEV C” and click on the first link.

dev c kurulumu c programlama dersleri

On the site that appears, press the “download” button after waiting for 5 seconds, the download process will start automatically. It’s not too big in size, it’s just only 48 MB.

dev c kurulumu c programlama dersleri

DEV C Installation steps

  1. First, it gives us a language option, we select a language, and then press ok.
  2. Then read the contract that offers us the contract, then click the agree button.
  3. Select Full as the organization type and click “next”.
  4. It will prompt you to select the target directory, that is, it will ask you where to install DEV C. Select the desired path and click SETUP. So the installation screen will be turned on.
  5. Press the “finish” button while the Run DEV C program is selected.
  6. Click “next” to make the Configuration page stay in English for the next language.
  7. On the next screen, click the next button again, which will show you the theme selection.
  8. Then press the ok button and finish the installation. Here it is, we have installed the program, now we can write our C codes.

dev c installation c codes

About DEV C and C Programming

The C programming language is preferred because it is simple. It is also the first language taught in some universities. Although you can log in to learning with simple commands at first, it allows you to write more complex programs at advanced levels. In addition, it will provide you with skills in algorithms and software. Learning C Programming is not really difficult, but it takes a lot of practice. You can find my C Trainings here.

Let’s Write Our First Program

The codes for the program that says “hello world” on the screen are as follows.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()
printf("Hello World");

return 0;

Let’s check it!

dev c installation


I’m thinking of adding more C programming training videos and other content on my website stay tuned :)

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