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Trap Beat in FL Studio Music Production

In this course you will learn how to create trap music in FL Studio

trap beat fl studio

FL Studio Trap Music Production ; Key to the step ahead with FL Studio.You can taste of how your music talent leads you to guide the others. All production stages gathered for you! My FL Studio Trap training set contains approximately 4 hours of training videos. As you may see in the course list we will learn make lead melody, plucked melody, 808 bass, drum loop etc… We will create a track¬† and we will learn the essential of the TRAP MUSIC. If you want to be a pro-like composer you’d better start wit FL STUDIO.

List of what we will learn :

  • Start a project
  • Create a great drum loop
  • Create snare fx
  • Crate noise fx
  • Write lead melody
  • Write plucked melody
  • Mixing &¬†Mastering
  • Coloring &¬†Renaming
  • Using animation clip
  • Reversing a sound
  • Learn the how to use playlist, mixer, pattern, channel rack

What is TRAP?

Trap is a musical style that first appeared in the southern states of the USA in the early 1990s. It is a style of music with aggressive sounds and lyrics. In 2012, a trend appeared that was based on the use of trap music elements in their songs by EDM producers and DJs.

Trap music is a style of music that reveals its difference from other types of music. The qualities of poetic lyrics, known as the forgetfulness of rap music, are not very important in this genre. In trap music, the lyrics should match the rhythm, it is much more important that the song states the message directly

The most important difference of trap music from other types of music is the auto-tune. In this system, which automatically decodes the voice of the person singing, the lyrics and vocals are combined. If this is the case, it is not possible for the music to be a single track. This style, on the other hand, helps this species to rest more easily.

Beatbox and drums are used in classical rap music. If there is no trap music, bass and synthesizer are used. And your situation helps the trap music to be more different. However, trap music has an electronic tone. It will be correct to determine this state of one of the differences of trap music.

trap beat fl studio course

How to learn FL Studio TRAP?

First of all, you need to learn fl studio. FL Studio is a very difficult program to learn unless you watch a resource or tutorial. In this tutorial, I will teach you FL Studio training and TRAP in general. It’s really easy to make FL Studio trap music, but as I said, you need to practice and work hard.

Listen to FL Studio Trap beat a lot so that your ear becomes familiar with this trap music. after adding 808 bass, the rest flows like water. As a suggestion, I suggest you buy a few paid VSTS. For example, you can buy Nexus, Spire or Massive. If you want to become a very high-level producer, I would definitely recommend buying it from FL studio Trap audio packages. It will be of great benefit to you if you buy Vocal packs or other DRUM KIT packs.

You can buy nexus from here and spire from here and massive from here.

Feel the heat, remember how life had started with a single beat :)

trap beat fl studio

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