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Post Instagram on Computer

Post Instagram on Computer

Post Instagram on Computer; Nowadays, almost everyone uses instagram. How to Upload Photos to Instagram from the computer “Everyone has in mind “?” I am answering your question. We are able to interact with Instagram messages, posts and stories from the computer. However, the photo upload feature is not active, which is also a problem for some social media users.

learn how to Post Instagram on Computer

Bilgisayardan Instagram'a Fotoğraf Yükleme

You may have a lot of reasons to share photos via computer. Maybe you made a graphic from Photoshop or edited your photos. Perhaps you have transferred your pictures from the camera to the computer and want to share them there. If you are using a professional account and need to enter regular content, sharing via a computer will still speed up your work. Since it takes a while to send and share it back to the phone, sharing it via a computer will speed up our work even more. Let’s learn how to upload photos to Instagram from the computer together.

1. First, open the Instagram page open the page and right-click the mouse in the empty space to click “review” and either click “check item” if you are using opera, or you can do Shift + CTRL + C.

Bilgisayardan Instagram’a Fotoğraf Yükleme, Post Instagram on Computer

2. Change the console settings

There is a button in the console settings that will allow you to see the website you have opened on the mobile device as it is on the mobile device. By clicking the button, we can turn Instagram into a mobile view.

learn how can Post Instagram on Computer

Bilgisayardan Instagram’a Fotoğraf Yükleme

3. We Have Turned the Site into a Mobile View

Our site has gained a mobile appearance, but you will notice that the photo sharing feature is still not activated.

Bilgisayardan Instagram’a Fotoğraf Yükleme

4. Refresh Page

Press the “Reload” button or right-click on the page F5 and wait for it to load again.  And we came across the add photo button, now we can select our photo from the computer by clicking on it and upload our photo. So the question of Uploading Photos to Instagram from the computer can be deleted from your mind, because we have solved the incident ;)

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