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Social Media Image Size

Social Media Image Size Optimization

Who doesn’t like a well-designed image? Let me tell you a secret; you will get much better results when you add your images in accordance with social media sizes. We have a lot of articles in the How-to category, you can read our other articles here. Let’s learn social media image size on this page.

Whether it’s Twitter profile pictures, Facebook cover photos or any social media image, without a doubt images are very important for all social media platforms. Images are also very important for marketing. With high-quality images, you can better reflect your products and achieve good performance.

That’s exactly why image sizes play a very important role in attracting users. But the picture sizes and specifications are constantly changing.

Here is a guide that covers all the image sizes of social media networks that you need for perfect images!

Social Media Image Sizes
Social Media Image Size


Facebook Images Size

Facebook regularly shares pictures on Facebook so what should be the image sizes of the world giant Facebook?  Let’s learn together and do quality work on Facebook as well. Here are the Facebook image sizes ;

facebook images size

  • Square picture size : 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Horizontal image size : 1080 x 566 pixels
  • Link image size : 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Group cover photo size : 1640 x 662 pixels
  • Vertical picture size : 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Cover photo size : 851 x 315 pixels
  • Profile photo size : 180 x 180 pixels


Twitter Images Size

There are fewer image types available on Twitter than on Facebook, which will make our job easier. Because he talks more about ideas than pictures and videos on twitter. However, the maximum file size on Twitter should not exceed these. Let’s find out the Twitter image sizes, respectively. Here are the Twitter image sizes;

twitter images size
Social Media Image Size
  • Profile photo size : 400×400 pixels
  • Cover photo : 1500 x 500 pixels
  • Shared image size : 900 x 450 pixels
  • File size maximum : 10 MB
  • Recommended file size : JPG, GIF, or PNG file


Instagram Images Size

Speaking of social media visual dimensions, not to mention Instagram, let’s find out together what instagram visual dimensions are. Using Instagram image sizes correctly makes a big difference. However, there is no cover photo in your Instagram profiles. Your Instagram cover photo can be created with various images that you share on your profile. For now, we just need to know the profile, shared images, and story sizes. Here are the visual dimensions of Instagram;

instagram images size
Social Media Image Size
  • Profile Photo : 110 x 110 pixels
  • Shared image size : 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Story size : 1080 x 1920 pixels


Linkedin Image Size

Linkedin is a social business network where you can show your professionalism in your business life. It is necessary to pay attention to this section in order to demonstrate your quality in business. That is why its visual dimensions are slightly larger, because the profile is designed separately from the company profile. Knowing the visual dimensions of social media will indeed increase your power on social media. Here are the visual dimensions of Linkedin ;

linkedin image size
Social Media Image Size
[tıe_lıst type=”checklist”]
  • Personal Profile :
    Profile Photo : 400 x 400 pixels
    Cover Photo : 1584 x 396 pixels
    Pending Ratio : 4:1
    Company Profile :
    Logo size: 300 x 300 pixels
    Cover Photo : 1128 x 191 pixels
    Blog Visual size: 1350 x 440 G x x Pixel


Pinterest Image Size

Pinterest is a social networking platform with image sharing features, where all kinds of images are shared and works with a clipboard system. Let’s find out the visual dimensions of Pinterest together. Here are the visual dimensions of pinterest

pinterest image size
Social Media Image Size
[tıe_lıst type=”checklist”]
  • Profile photo size : 165 x 165 pixels
  • Pin Size : 236px adjustable height
  • Clipboard image size : 222 x 150 pixels


Youtube Image Size

There are three things we need to know for Youtube image sizes, channel photo, video cover photo and profile photo. If you want to be a quality content producer on Youtube, you should definitely pay attention to these images and produce beautiful images.

youtube image size
Social Media Image Size
  • Channel cover photo : 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Channel profile photo 800 x 800 pixels
  • Video cover photo : 16:9 ratio


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